Our Company is a collaboration of young and dynamic IT professionals with extensive experience in the field of Property Management System, encompassing all categories of various international property brands. 

Equipped with required individual and collective expertise, our team aims to provide a wide range of uncomplicated, easy-to-manage operational software/systems, its maintenance, training and technical support to the rapidly growing hospitality industry both local and international. 

As Former Hoteliers and industry players, we are aware of the many issues besetting a particular entity and how it affect revenues. Hence, our efforts are bent to counter if not totally eliminate this issues. In a sense, revolutionary, our need based customized programs/software and services are guaranteed perfect solution to high acquisition and maintenance costs that constantly plague the hospitality industry.

Our Team

June A. Carpio
Is the Founder / CEO of HSSCS. He has 20 years experience with an extensive IT background in the hospitality industry He has 13 years experience in the hospitality industry and a solid stints in 5 star Resort Properties in the Philippines and abroad. He is a Certified Information Privacy Professional since 2011 and currently managing a global team that supports over 120 clients.

Rafael T. Zacarias
He has more than 23 years of work experience with an extensive IT background in the hospitality industry. He is the current President of HITAP. Software Engineer w/ over 15 yrs of experience. Creative, organized, resourceful, flexible and analytical w/ a keen eye for details, able to adapat to changing priorities and maintain a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Has a strong background in Customer Relations, people management and; skills-training, boasting long stints in a 5 star hotel, a travel and four company, and a training firm.